The Brand

Amor ‘e coro was born out of desire to create beauty.

For us beauty is not only in the aesthetic of a creation.

It’s the emotion of a woman who wears it.

Italian soul with a French heart

Our collections perfectly combine the excellence of Italian and French craftsmanship. From the fabrics to the accessories, all the materials we use are Made Italy or Made in France.

French Leavers lace

The exquisite French Leavers lace is the protagonist of our brand aesthetic.
We work with Dentelle de Calais-Caudry laces, which are woven on leavers looms in the north of France. A two-hundred-year old manufacturing tradition, that is unique in the world.
Our creative process starts from our love for these rare fabrics. The fascinating complexity of the lace motives is a challenge and a source of inspiration at the same time.

Como Silk

Como silk caressing the skin is the ultimate sensory pleasure. These silks, which come from the homonymous historical textile district in Italy, embellish our products even in the smallest details.

Italian Tulle

Light as air and ethereal, resistant but heavenly soft, elastic… we use different varieties of the highest quality tulle to fulfill technical needs and create impeccable style.



Time is what makes our products particularly precious.
In an extremely fast-paced world, we go slow instead, as we believe it is the only way to create true luxury.

Every product requires a thorough study, from skillfully made patterns, to the most refined seams.
Technical know-how is essential to develop our structured lingerie garments, conceived to enhance the natural beauty of the female body.

Our collections are exclusively made in Italy.
We are proud to carry on the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, working alongside incredibly experienced professionals.

Our couturières sew each garment with love and dedication for a job that strives for excellence. They hand-cut all fabrics and achieve the highest levels of finesse in each single detail. They are indeed the secret to making our dreams come true.